Invest & Connect

A live event for intentional women who wish to build wealth through credible investments.

What is this about?

“Invest and Connect” is a one-day live event (also virtual participation option) for a small circle of intentional women. It’s time to send your money to work! I want to hold your hand and recommend the right investment plan for you. On the spot, I will guide and show you how each investment works. You will walk away from the venue, a proud investor!

And it’s not just finance, we will enjoy a premium time of, rich food, rich conversations, and connecting with other Money minded women who will be your Accountability partner in this journey to building generational wealth.

Who is this for?

For two set of women:

  1. The woman who has some idle cash in the bank. It’s time to send that cash to build you wealth in credible investments.
  2. The woman who wants to consistently invest every month. Let’s show you the fitting investments that can work for you.

Meet the Women Money Cheerleader

Jennifer Awirigwe, professionally known as Financial Jennifer, is a personal finance expert, investment banker, and founder of Nigeria’s first and largest women-only finance community, Fintribe. Recently listed as the Top 50 Rising Motherland Moguls 2023 by She Leads Africa, she is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Stockbroker, and Certified Financial Education Instructor by the National Financial Educators Council, USA. Financial Jennifer has trained over 20,000 women on personal finance, guided thousands of women on their investment journeys, and acts as Investment guardian for some top personalities, advising on Portfolios worth millions of dollars.

As a personal finance influencer, Jennifer breaks barriers in the male-dominated world of stock investing. She’s reached over 400,000 people through her online campaigns and classes, bridging the gender gap in Nigeria’s stock market.

Financial Jennifer’s professional experience spans auditing, aviation, treasury operations, fixed income, securities trading, and fintech treasury operations. She envisions a future with more empowered women confidently making better financial decisions and building healthy savings and investment portfolios.

Hear our INVEST & CONNECT Billionaire

Invest & Connect