Wealth Builders Academy

The school for anyone who desires to grow and preserve their wealth

What is Wealth Builders Academy about?

Imagine how far we would have come if our schools taught us about the actual making and growing money. That school is here now – Wealth Builders Academy!

This is school where you learn the practical aspects of growing and preserving your wealth. Our classes are delivered in simplified and very practical sessions over the course of 3 weeks, with tasks and fun challenges. 

Our Promise is that, as a graduate of this school, you have the tools and knowledge you need to save better no matter how much you currently earn, grow your money through different credible safe investment vehicles, invest for your kids, understand Trusts and Wills, learn how to calculate different key financial figures like how much you need to retire, how much your current savings will be worth in the future, compounding interest, and so much more!

Who is this Academy for?

The Academy is for the person who:

  1. Desires to retire wealthy and happy
  2. Wishes to save more from their current income, no matter how big or small
  3. Wants to grow their money through credible investments
  4. Wants to learn how to invest for their kids
  5. Needs the tools, calculators, templates, that will help them in their financial journey
  6. Generally wants to be more intentional with their money.

Meet the Lead Instructor

Jennifer Awirigwe (ACA, ACS, CFEI) professionally known as Financial Jennifer, is a personal finance expert, investment banker, a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Stockbroker, authorized dealing clerk on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Certified Financial Education Instructor by the National Financial Educators Council, USA, and founder of Nigeria’s first and largest women-only finance platform, FinTribe.  Financial Jennifer has trained over 30,000 women on personal finance, guided thousands of women on their investment journeys, and acts as Investment guardian for some top personalities, advising on Portfolios worth millions of dollars.

As a personal finance influencer, Jennifer breaks barriers in the male-dominated world of stock investing. She’s reached over 400,000 people through her online campaigns and classes, bridging the gender gap in Nigeria’s stock market.

Financial Jennifer’s professional experience spans auditing, aviation, treasury operations, fixed income, securities trading, and fintech treasury operations. She envisions a future with more empowered women confidently making better financial decisions and building healthy savings and investment portfolios.

She has won numerous awards for her work in finance, most recently including the 2023 Financial Coach Award by Eloy Awards, CEO’s Network Under 30 Finance Person of the year, SHE Awards Finance Founder of the year.

She has been recognized by Meta, Selar, Power woman Network and was listed on Top 50 Rising Motherland Moguls 2023 by She Leads Africa, 100 Most Inspiring Women 2024 by Leading Ladies Africa, Top 25 Women in Tech 2024 by TechUnwindng.

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